Acquisition of A.G. Parrott

September 29, 2015

Gray & Son and Maryland Paving - Woodbine LLC, an affiliate of Maryland Paving Inc., a leading Site Contractor, Paving Construction and Asphalt Materials Company in the Baltimore Metro area, today announced that it has completed the acquisition of equipment and other assets of Parrott Materials Company and A. G. Parrott Company. The Parrott Companies produce hot mix asphalt materials and perform paving construction and are based in Woodbine and Elkridge, Maryland.

Robert Webbert, CEO of Gray & Son and Maryland Paving, stated, “This acquisition is consistent with our asphalt materials and paving construction growth strategy and is a great fit with our existing businesses”. The Parrott Companies have established many strong customer relationships and an excellent reputation for high-quality products and services over their long history. We are very pleased to welcome the Parrott employees to Gray & Son and Maryland Paving.”

George Parrott, President of the Parrott Companies, commented, “We are excited that this acquisition will enable our company to continue the legacy of its founder, A. G. Parrott, and our family members who, together with hundreds of employees over the years, have worked so hard to make the company a success.”

For any questions regarding this announcement please contact either Rick Scheetz at 410-771-4311 or George Parrott at 410-796-2480.

GSI-MPI- Parrott Announcement- 9.30.15